↳ The Sand Siblings 

We are the children of the 4th Kazekage 

"You shouldn’t have to do stuff like this…"
"Shouldn’t have to do a lot of things."

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My heart is officially broken

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"You’re as stubborn as a damn mule"
“Yeah? Wonder where I got that from.”

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to the loved ones that we’ve lost along the way…and to the hope that we see them again some day.

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Digimon Fanart. Watercolor

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Sakura: Hori-senpai, when you first met Kashima-kun, did you think she was a guy, even for a second?
Hori-senpai: Man, was I ever surprised!
Sakura: Wait! What kind of timing is that to realize it?!

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Funkiest OP of the season’s finally got a full version